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Publishing Statutory Documents on a school's website is a legal requirement included in the Freedom of Information Act, which applies to schools and academies.  Please click on the highlighted  text below to view each document. 

SPRING COMMON ACADEMY - SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT 2016 - 2020.  The School Development Plan is created by Senior Managers and Trustees who meet once a year to discuss and agree and the things we would like to achieve over this time span.  It covers areas such as premises and building needs, staffing and the number of children expected to come to this area special school.  It is also about planning what we need to do to make sure we reach those exectations.     

ACADEMY ORDER – NOTIFICATION FOR COVERSION TO ACADEMY 2015   This is the legal document the school was issued with to enable it to convert to an academy.

ARTICLES of ASSOCIATION 2016   In order for Spring Common to convert to an Academy, it had to register as a company with Companies House.  Part of this registration process was that Spring Common needed to form an ‘Internal Management’ team and register its ‘MEMBERS’ on the Articles of Association.  This internal management team (previously our Board of Governors) is now called a board of TRUSTEES.  These Members and Trustees are responsible for overseeing the decision making, running of the school and to support financial decisions as the Board of Governors did previously.

DELEGATED AUTHORITY LISTING AGREEMENT - 2016  This document lists the names of authorised persons/body that have been given 'delegated authority' to hold the various budges within the school's finances.

FREEDOM of INFORMATION: PUBLICATION SCHEME - 2016   This document explains the different areas of information we are legally required to publish.  Each area will have an agreed and ratified policy which you will also have access to via the website.


FINANCIAL REGULATIONS - 2016   This document explains what we need to do to ensure we keep our fianaces in check.  It gives details of what systems we need to use and who is responsible for implementing and managing these systems.  All of the school's finances are subject to an annual audit.

TRUSTEES' REPORT AND FULL AUDITED ACCOUNTS - 2016   This document details the full audited accounts of Spring Common Academy for the period ending August 2016.  It also contains a report from the Trustees' about how Spring Common has performed during the past year within the financial budget, assessing its vaule for money -Trustees have a responsibility to make sure the school's finances are used appropriately and where most needed.    

GENERAL ANNUAL GRANT STATEMENT  2015 – 2016.  Central Government allocate a grant annually for additional needs pupils; this document contains a breakdown of how the funding grant is allocated.