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  • 08/02/18

    Pancake Flipathon

    Our School Council popped into Huntingdon today... for a Pancake Flipathon! They had a great time and all came away with a medal for taking part! Please click here to resize the article.
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  • 31/01/18

    Supporting Godmanchester Foodbank

    This year we have a new set of BBC School News Reporters.  Click here to find out who they are.  If you are viewing this from the School News App, you may prefer to click here to view the article on the school's website, where you will be able to resize the document...
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  • 23/01/18

    Class 8 - Jamrock

    Class 8 went to Jamrock Restaurant in Wellingborough in January 2018
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  • 22/01/18

    New News Story

    In January Key Stage 4 went on their annual residential visit to Grafham Water.  Click here to download the article and go to our gallery to see a few of the photos from the visit.
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  • 10/01/18

    Staff Awards Presentation

    Spring Common Academy's Board of Trustees present staff with certificates.
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  • 03/01/18

    Dr Kim Taylor OBE- New Year's honour

    OBE award for Head Teacher
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  • 15/12/17


    Autumn Term 2017 - Classes 4, 9b, 11a, P16SB have been looking after our minibuses this term.  You can click here to download the article.
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  • 30/11/17

    Post 16 Workshop 2017

    Some of our Post 16 students have accessed an SRE programme delivered by Dhiverse.  Click here to download the article. 
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  • 28/11/17

    E-Safety Workshop - 2017

    Some of our pupils took part in an E-Safety workshop.  Click here to download the article.
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  • 17/11/17

    Children In Need - 2017

    Spring Common Academy raised a record breaking £410.92 for Children in Need.  You can click here to view the full article.
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  • 16/11/17

    Diwali - 2017

    Find out what the whole school learned about Diwali last week.  You can click here to download a copy of the article.    
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  • 13/11/17

    School Council Fundraising

    Take a look at the success of our School Council's fundraising efforts.  You can click here to download the article.   
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