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School Closure due to Adverse Conditions

Snow and Spring Common Academy


As a parent can I decide not to send my pupil to school during periods of snow?

We will continue to do all that is possible to remain open and ensure the school site is safe.

If parents are worried they can phone into school. The school cannot know the snow conditions in every local area.

What if taxis don’t turn up:

If individual taxi drivers refuse to collect children that is nothing whatsoever to do with school or the Local Authority transport department.

It then becomes a decision for parents whether to bring children to and from school themselves if they wish. No one will make criticism for any decision you determine.

What if I want to bring my children into school myself?

For some disabled pupils our  parents have in any case decided to use their own transport to bring children to and from school. Again a decision for parents.

How do we decide whether to open or remain open?

We continue to carefully watch the weather and road conditions.

If the roads become dangerous the police will send an alert to the public and that would include the Local Authority and school.

How will you be informed:

We will inform parents on the Spring Common Academy website and local radio stations.

If there is an emergency during the school day we shall  use the emergency contact numbers.

Thank you

  • To staff for taking more time to get to work safely and our caretakers for their hard work clearing the site each day for safety.
  • Thank you to parents for your words of appreciation for remaining open and acknowledgement of our effort to that.

Kim Taylor, Head Teacher