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2017 - 2018 mid-year review

Swimming and water safety play an integral part of the learning that each child receives at Spring Common Academy. Many of our pupils benefit from the use of our main and hydrotherapy pools as part of their curriculum with pupils also being able to access the Pools at Hinchingbrooke School and One Leisure St Ives.

Our experienced and highly qualified Swimming teacher and Hydrotherapy specialist lead high quality sessions that  in addition to swimming strokes, develop pupils fitness and wellbeing as well as preparing pupils (where viable) to help themselves and others in water based scenarios.

At KS2 we currently have 1 pupil from 8 who is able to achieve the 3 main competencies but this is hopefully going to be 6 pupils from 8 by the end of the 2017 -2018 academic year with intervention and structured targets. Pupils are also completing accreditation through the ASA award scheme with 7 pupils achieving ASA level 1 and 1 having currently competed ASA level 3.

At KS4 and 5 pupils have the opportunity to complete their AQA unit awards in Swimming strokes and Personal survival, in addition to their Rookie Lifeguard Award.