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Admissions Arrangements

Special School Placements at Spring Common Academy are offered using the following criteria:

  1. The pupil has a statement of special educational need or EHC plan and special school recommended.
  2. Pupil Papers from Statutory Assessment and Resources Team (START) provide Spring Common Academy with sufficient and up to date information to make an informed view about a prospective placement.
  3. The Academy is given permission to full access to the pupil’s medical, academic and social/ community care records where necessary to gain a profile of the child’s needs. This will ensure that any placement offered will be appropriate, both for the individual pupil and for other pupils within the Academy.
  4. The Academy is provided with sufficient resources to meet the pupil’s needs to purchase staffing or additional resources / equipment to enable the placement.
  5. The pupil as far as possible makes a positive choice for the admission.
  6. The parents agree to accept all the policies and values of the Academy available on the website.
  7. An appropriate placement is available in the correct age group.
  8. The placement is the nearest available to their home.
  9. The placement is agreed by both Local Authority and Spring Common Academy.

Constraints on admissions:

  1. The pupil requires a residential placement because Spring Common Academy has no residential provision.
  2. The pupil does not have any learning difficulties because most pupils have severe learning difficulties.
  3. The pupil has needs specified in his/her statement or EHCP that cannot be accommodated because it would be prejudicial to the efficient education of other pupils.

The contact details for the Statutory Assessment and Resources Team (STAT) in Huntingdon:

tel: 01480 372600          
email: Statutory.Assessment&