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Parent Resources

At Spring Common we understand that entering into the Special Needs & Disabilities world can be a daunting prospect for some families.  To try and help you find your way through this maze, we have put together a selection of websites which you may find useful and may make that journey a little more fluent. 

GENERAL INFORMATION WEBSITES - this is a website for parents, run by parents.  It includes information about local support groups, getting involved, latest news, sports clubs and activities. - this is an umbrella body for the disabled children's sector, bringing together professionals, practioners and policy makers.  They are also a part of the National Children's Bureau. - a parent-led information website, sharing opinion and resources for Children & Young People with SEND, Health Conditions and Rare Diseases. - Independent Parental Special Educational Advice - this is a registered charity which offeres free and independent, legally based informatio, advice and support, helping you to get the right education for Children & Young People with all kinds of SEND. - this website provides access to educational resources to help you support your child' learning.

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. The survey can be completed at any time; you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected.

SPECIAL NEEDS & DISABILITIES - a website for individuals, families, professionals and supporters, offering information about sensory impairments. - The Down's Syndrome Association is a registered charity offering answers to questions and providing factual information about living with the condition. - Scope is charitable organisation whose website offers information and support for families living with most disabilities and impairments, including Cerebral Palsy. - The British Institute of Learning Disabilities want people with learning disabilities to be valued equally, participate fully in their communities and be treated with dignity and respect.  They work with organisations providing services and people who give support to people with disabilities. - The National Association of Special Educational Needs is an organisation, whose mission is to promote the advancement and development of individuals with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and Additional Learning Needs. - a national organisation with local links in Huntingdon.  They offer advice and support for people with all disabilities and ages. - A UK charity providing professional family support, information and advice. They aim to maximise the potential of people with Rett Syndrome and minimise the impact.

AUTISM SPECIFIC - The National Autistic Society - an American developed teaching programme which is used at Spring Common with some Autistic students to support their learning.  More information about how Spring Common uses this system can be found on page 38 of our Autsim Handbook. - an organisation supported and funded by the Department for Education.  This website includes a parent's guide to help you when considering your child's austim, school and education.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL use the Children & Families tab to access the 'What is the local offer? section to access all areas of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND), including:

  • The new Education and Health Plan (EHCP)
  • Understanding Personal Budgets

and many more useful topics.

ALTERNATIVE POST 16 EDUCATION - Huntingdon Regional College - Peterborough Regional College

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES  - this organisation is recognised by the Department for Transport as a practical and professional training body.  Check the website to find out what cycle training in available in your area. - Riding For the Disabled is a network of volunteer groups organising all sorts of riding activities.  Use the 'Find a Group' tab for your local network.