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Introducing our Post-16 Provision

Spring Common Academy has a Post-16 Pathway to suit all levels of learners. Our pathway is designed to give parents/carers a clear and informed idea of the flexible and personalised path a child may follow during their time in Post-16.

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Our careers programme is based on the eight Gatsby benchmarks which were identified as a result of an international study to find the best practice in career guidance worldwide. 

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Please click here to view an outline of our careers programme.

Every year in the Autumn Term, all upper school students and their parents/carers are invited to attend a MOVING ON OPTIONS information evening.  The object of the evening is to introduce parents/carers and students to a broad range of external professionals and services that are available to school-leavers.

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Please click here to view our Moving On Options Handbook.

Performance Data 

Spring Common Academy Performance Data 2023 

We are incredibly proud of our July 2023 leavers who achieved accreditations in KS4 (Entry level OCR and AQA unit awards) and Post 16 (Pre-Entry to Entry Level 3 in the PFA ASDAN Lifeskills Challenges) 

Our whole school focus on Preparing for Adulthood (PFA) has enabled our students to feel confident in moving on to further education and social care packages. The achievements emphasise our unwavering commitment to student wellbeing, innovative teaching methods and inclusive practices. 

Achieving accreditations from OCR, AQA and ASDAN is a testament to our continuous growth and improvement. It recognises our adaptability in meeting the unique needs of our learners, ensuring they are well-prepared for a bright future beyond our schools.  

Destinations July 2023 

17 students left Spring Common Academy in July 2023 

16 went on to Further Education, 14 students to Cambridge Regional College (Huntingdon Campus) 1 student to Peterborough Regional College and 1 student to City of Peterborough College. 

1 learner went on to a bespoke social care package.  

Accreditations July 2023 

100% of our leavers achieved a minimum of 3 accreditations in Maths and English during their time in Post 16. This is a fantastic achievement. 

3 (18%) learners achieved an Entry Level 3 in Maths, English and a number of PFA subjects. 

3 (18%) learners achieved an Entry Level 2 in Maths, English and a number of PFA subjects. 

8 (46%) learners achieved an Entry Level 1 in Maths, English and a number of PFA subjects. 

3 (18%) learners achieved Pre-Entry Level certificates in Maths, English and a number of PFA subjects.  

Careers and World of Work Programme

Acknowledging the distinct challenges and aspirations of each individual, we have instituted a robust Careers Development Programme meticulously crafted to nurture both our student’s personal and professional growth. 

Through the implementation of this holistic Careers Development Programme, our school strives to empower students with the skills, confidence, and resources necessary for pursuing fulfilling and meaningful careers, ensuring a bright and inclusive future for all.

Please click here to view our CEIAG Policy.

Contact us

You are welcome to contact the Team via the school office on 01480 377403
 Or via the links below.

Tom Dougherty
Assistant Head

Abby Dixon
Vocational Support Officer