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Curriculum Intent Statement

Our curriculum acknowledges our learners as individuals and builds on their strengths and interests. Staff have high expectations, and all achievements are recognised and celebrated. 

Our curriculum is broad, balanced and sequential. It builds skills and knowledge over time and is adaptable at point of delivery to ensure differentiation for individual need. There is a flexibility of approach and pupils can move between our different pathways with teachers making professional decisions as to how best to meet the needs of pupils based on thorough assessments and deep understanding of the learner’s strengths and needs. 

Our curriculum and provision builds on cross-curricular themes from Early Years up. There is a balance of child-led and teacher-directed learning activities taking place both inside and outside the classroom. We focus on developing the learner’s interest in and curiosity about the world.  

We offer a holistic experiential provision where therapies and sensory stimuli are integral to classroom practise. There is a strong focus on developing communication, independence, and the functional skills our pupils need to equip them to flourish as valued members of the community in adulthood. 

Our school is a safe and supportive environment where pupils feel challenged and are able to build creativity and confidence.   

From the earliest years, our pupils will be supported to prepare for the next stage in their lives including education and/or employment, independent or supported living – having choice, control and the support they need, participating in society and the local community, and keeping safe and healthy.

The tabs to the right provide further information about how we approach and teach specific areas across the school.

You can view our current Teaching & Learning Policy here.

If you need any further information about the Curriculum please let us know via your child's home school diary, contacting the school office (01480 377403) or emailing us (