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Autism Provision

Please use the side tabs on this page to read about Autism Provision at Spring Common Academy. We have broken down the information into the various sections to help you easily find what you are looking for. 

Click here Spring Common Academy - Autism Handbook' If you would like to read or download the electronic version of the information.   You can also request a paper copy via the School Office.

There are more useful links on the Parent's page, but please contact Caroline Place on the email below to discuss any individual needs for further training in areas such as:

  • using or creating social stories
  • visual support
  • strategies for behaviours

Assistant Head: Autism Provision - Caroline Place


In April 2020 the Autism Accreditation service will be visiting the school, as part of this assessment the National Autistic Society carry out a survey for autistic people and their families to feedback on the provision. Please access the following link to complete the survey

Autistic People

This is intended for any autistic adult or young person over the age of 16, who attends the school. It can be completed by the autistic person or with support. Where possible the person who helps the autistic person to complete the questionnaire should be independent from the school or service being assessed.

Families of Autistic People

This is intended for the family member who represents the interests of the autistic person to complete.

The closing date to complete the survey is 6th of April 2020. If you would like further details please do not hesitate to contact



In May 2017 Spring Common received the official news that once again it had received Autism Accreditation.  The National Autistic Society’s Autism Accreditation is an internationally recognised process of support and development for all those providing services to autistic people.  This means that Spring Common is providing a unified standard of excellence with continuous self-examination and development; and staff are continually aiming to improve the quality of provision for the children. 

Autism Accreditation Report Conclusion:

“I was encouraged by the schools engagement in the process and during observation it was evident that the schools hard work, training and monitoring of practice was ensuring practice was consistent across the school. Spring Common School provides a happy learning environment for autistic pupils in which autistic practice is carefully monitored to ensure it is consistent across the school.”  Stephanie de Vries – Accreditation Advisor

General feedback from the assessor’s visit:

“The children were very happy and calm.”

“The children worked well with their peers and there was evidence of genuine care and respect.”

“All children were engaged in their learning.”

Our strengths were:

“We have a range of strategies we use to prepare learners for adult life from lower to upper school.”

“Use of practical life skills across the school which teach employability and self-esteem.”

“The school ethos promotes students working and supporting each other collaboratively creating an environment where there is mutual respect.”

“Commitment of school to training and development, sharing knowledge with local and international schools.”