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Welcome to the Spring Common Academy Alumni page.

We understand the importance of our student's educational journeys and the role it plays in shaping their future. 

Our Student Alumni page aims to celebrate the achievements of our former students, highlighting their accomplishments and showcasing the positive impact of education on their futures within the wider world.

Josh & William Visit

It was great to see some ex-pupils in school today. They spent some time with a group of our current Post 16 students, and talked about their own experience of moving on to college two years ago. They did a fantastic job of answering all our questions!

Matthew & Stephanie Visit 

Spring Common Academy welcomed a visit from Steph and Matthew, two past students who generously gave up some time to deliver a Q&A session with our identified leavers group for this coming year.

Both Alumni were fantastic at providing insights and details about what it's like to leave school and move on to a college environment, leaving our future leavers reassured and excited about the process.

Steph left Spring Common Academy in 2018 and went on to CRC Huntingdon where she has studied the Archway Course followed by Animal Care, and now the Supported Internship course, which focuses on preparing students for the working world. She is currently working at Diamonds Dog Grooming in Sawtry.

Matthew left Spring Common Academy in 2022 going on to study the Archway course, and is now studying Creative Industries. This involves Drama, Music and Media training, something which Matthew as an avid theatre performer was well known for in his time at School! His performing skill set made him an assured speaker today to our group of Post 16 pupils and with Steph’s help, they answered questions in great detail and with empathy.

When asked what their best memory was about school, Steph replied "I loved getting the chance to visit Slovakia as part of the crossing borders trip it was amazing."

Matthew shared, "I loved performing at school, and I liked being in the school plays!"

It is wonderful to see how well both students are doing since leaving Spring Common Academy, we wish them both the very best for their futures.

Q&A with Alumni George  


George's Q&A

Name: George W

What year did you leave Spring Common Academy: 2022

What is your favourite memory of Spring Common Academy? All the friends I made

Where did you move on to when you left Spring Common Academy? HRC – Huntingdon Regional College

What course did you choose? Horticulture

What is your favourite thing about college? My class mates

How did Spring Common prepare you for life when you left? They made sure I was happy when I left

Do you have any hobbies or attend any clubs outside of school? I attended a gardening club

Are you involved in employment or voluntary opportunities? My horticulture group do work in the community

Alumni Alex returns For Work Placement 

Former student Alex has enthusiastically participated in a weekly work placement at our school, aligning with his studies at CRC Huntingdon College. Alex's deep-rooted connection to the Spring Common Community has fueled his joy in making a meaningful difference among the younger students he supports on a weekly basis.

His return to SCA epitomizes the bond our alumni share with our school community, demonstrating their eagerness to remain engaged and supportive even as they pursue new opportunities.

         Alex's Q&A 

Name: Alex H

What year did you leave Spring Common? 2021

What is your favourite memory of Spring Common? helping in the other class

Where did you go when you left Spring Common? College (CRC)

What course did you choose? Animal Care

What are your teachers like? They are really helpful and friendly

How many days do you attend? 3 Days at college and I do 2 days helping at Spring Common

What is your favourite thing about college? Holding the college animals