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Q:  Where can I find a list of Term Dates and Staff Training Days? 

A:  The Parents' tab has a drop down menu for TERM DATES

Q:  What are the school day timings? 

A:  The Parents' tab has a drop down menu for SCHOOL DAY 

Q:  Can I meet with my child's class teacher or email them? 

 A:  You can write a message in the home/school diary to make an appointment or contact the school office.  Details can be fround in the  CONTACT US area.

Q:  Is there a breakfast and after school club? 

A: We run an after school club for pupils who are aged 8-14.  Please contact the school office for more information.  Currently there is no breakfast club.

 Q:  Who should I inform if my child needs to be absent from school or has an appointment during the school day? 

A:  You must ring the office before 9.30am if your child is going to be absent.  You can write a message in advance in the home/school diary if your child has a daytime appointment.

In accordance with government guidelines we strongly urge parents/carers to take their child out of school for a term-time holiday.  We can consider term-time absence in exceptional circumstances, however any unauthorised absence could result in a Penalty Notice fine.  Please ask the school office for a request for absence form, or click here to download an electronic copy.

Q:  Where can I find my child's class timetable? 

A:  The Pupil's Tab has a drop down menu for CLASS TIMETABLES 

 Q:  How much are school meals and where can I find the menu? 

A:  The Pupils' tab has a drop down menu for LUNCH MENUS.  Current prices are also displayed in this area. 

 Q:  Is my child eligible for free fruit and free milk? 

A: The Parents' Tab has a drop down menu for HEALTH PROVISION with links to find out more information about eligibility.

 Q:  Where can I buy school uniform from? 

A:  The Parents' Tab has a drop down menu for SCHOOL UNIFORM 

 Q:  What home/school communication systems are in place? 

A:  All parents receive a Welcome Letter from class teachers with contact information.  We do encourage parents to use the home/school book for messages or you can contact staff via the school office.

 Q:  What am I expected to provide my child with for school? 

A:  The Parents' Tab has a drop down menu for SCHOOL DAY where you can find out more information..

 Q:  Who should I speak to about school transport? 

A: Education Transport is an arrangement between a parent and the local authority.  You can find out more information about this on website. 

Please contact transport directly by email or telephone 01223 706123. 

 Q: Are there parking facilities at school? 

A:  There are a limited number of specified Parent Parking bays for drop off and pick up as well as a few Visitor Parking bays.  The car park is very busy with school transport at the start and end of the day.

 Q: As a prospective parent how should I arrange a visit and what is the process for gaining a place at a Special School? 

A:  All admissions to Spring Common Academy are managed through the Local Authority Statutory Assessment Team (STAT).  Please contact the team on 01480 372600 in the first instance.

If you would like to arrange a visit, use the Contact Us Tab to access the school's CONTACT DETAILS or you can fill in a form on the GENERAL ENQUIRY tab.  The Key Info tab has a drop down menu for ADMISSIONS where you can find out more information regarding this.

 Q: Are there any packed lunch or snack rules? 

A:  We are a Healthy School and encourage pupils to have healthy snacks, packed lunches and drink plenty of water at school.  However, we understand that many of our pupils have restricted diets and we encourage them to try new foods.  Please speak to your class teacher if you have any concerns about your child's diet.

   Q: Do you have a lost property system? 

A:  Where items are named we endeavor to return lost items to pupils.  Non-labelled items will be sent to the school office please CONTACT US for more information.

 Q:  What rules do you have around mobile phones, iPods and iPads? 

A:  Pupils are not permitted to have electronic devices with them during the school day.  However, we recognise that some students have long journeys to and from school and that they may use a device on their transport.  Please speak to your child's class teacher about storage arrangements during the school day.  School does not accept responsibility for individual items.

 Q:  Can children bring personal toys into school? 

A: We discourage children from bringing toys into school.  However, we recognise that some students may have special items which help reduce anxiety and make transitions easier for them.  Please make arrangements with your child's teacher.  The School does not accept responsibility for individual items.

 Q:  What if my child needs to take medication during the school day? 

A: If your child requires medication in the school day we require written consent from a parent/carer to administer this.  All medication needs to have a pharmacy label so that we may ensure it is correctly administered.  Please request a medication consent form from the office, or follow this link to download an electronic copy.

 Q:  How do you communicate school closure? 

A: Information about school closure can be found in the introductory area on the PARENTS PAGE and will be posted on the school facebook page.  Local radio stations and website will also display information about closures.