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Exploring Wildlife at Hamerton Zoo

Recently, 3MM students from Spring Common Academy had great fun during their visit to Hamerton Zoo, a captivating sanctuary of wildlife situated between Cambridge and Peterborough. Hamerton Zoological Park has been playing a vital role in animal conservation since 1990 and still continue to do so to this day. This trip provided an opportunity for our pupils to see and learn about Hamerton’s extensive exhibits, reflecting on their topic story for the summer term ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. Pupils have had a great opportunity to see the animals from the story as well as experiencing a new environment outside of school.

From towering llamas to playful meerkats scurrying about, the diverse species captivated our pupils from the very beginning. The mischievous monkeys swung effortlessly from branch to branch, showcasing their acrobatic skills. It is safe to say our staff enjoyed the day as much as our students!

We also enjoyed the playground and tested out our physical abilities on the different equipment on offer. We shared snack and lunchtime together as a group and kept ourselves safe at all times during the trip.

Hamerton Zoo Park is proud to be probably the most environmentally responsible zoo in the World. They generate on site EVERY UNIT of electricity the Park uses, and the surplus is exported to the National Grid. The greater majority of the power they generate is produced by a pair of wind turbines, supported by solar panels and biomass boilers.