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St Ives in Bloom and the Norris Museum

"The Norris Museum tells the stories of Huntingdonshire from 160 million years ago to the present day."

This half-term we have been hard at work completing a project with the Norris Museum. This joint project is promoting the importance of pollination through friendship and team work in the community.

Spring Common Academy students from class 4VC designed and planted flower beds outside the museum, with some wooden painted decorations, made over the course of the spring. On our final visit, the Mayor of St Ives joined us on site to join in with the project.

Excitingly, their work has been entered into a competition: 'St. Ives in Bloom' and 'Anglia in Bloom', so we wish the very best of luck to class 4VC.

The Norris Museum congratulated our students on their hard work, and maintaining their enthusiasm throughout every visit. Opportunities to engage with the community outside of Spring Common Academy are hugely beneficial to our students, and we are grateful to have partaken in the project for another year. 

Museum director, Claire Hardy shared, "The Norris Museum Team are delighted and feel very privileged to have worked with 4VC and St Ives in Bloom on an important project that has highlighted the importance of pollination in a flower-bed planting project, on the theme of friendship, which the whole community will be able to enjoy. The project has grown and formed new relationships which we hope to build upon in the future."