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STEMpoint visits Spring Common Academy

On Tuesday 14th May, Spring Common Academy welcomed visitors from STEMPoint come in and work with some of our key stage 4 and post 16 pupils. The STEMPoint team comprised of Alvina, Rebecca and Jo, ran a workshop for the day called "seed to plant". The workshop focused on what STEM means (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), and how it is threaded into our everyday lives in the things that we do. The pupils thought about jobs and careers aligned with these areas, and the types of work-related skills that they would use, especially working as a part of a team. 

The  focus was to introduce pupils to these skills and the different ways they can be used to support them in their adult lives.

A challenge question for the pupils was asked at the beginning of the day, referred to as 'The Big Question'. Pupils were asked if there was anything that they could think of which didn't in some way include STEM, and given the day to think about their answers before the afternoon session. When discussing the results, some pupils were surprised at how we use these STEM skills every day, and that ultimately, there is nothing that doesn't include STEM in some way, shape or form!

When practical activities began, pupils enjoyed the hands-on task of decorating their own plant pot, filling it with soil and choosing the seeds they wanted to plant, as well as seeing who could build the tallest tower using only pegs in their mixed groups. Each group used a different method to build their towers, and saw mixed results between them.

All pupils received a special certificate for their enthusiastic participation. 

"The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority  - Careers Hub, have recently funded STEMPOINT to deliver a one-day SEND STEM Employability day to several of our area SEND schools this summer.

In April, STEMPOINT were at Highfield Ely Academy delivering the programme which was incredibly successful and yesterday again at Spring Common Academy in Huntingdon.

[It was] a full day!  Students learnt about the meaning of STEM, STEM jobs and how integral STEM is to all job roles. Very activity-based, students worked together looking at their own skills, completed team-building activities and then finished the day by planting seeds.  It was lovely to see the students so interested and really enjoying the day.

A massive thank you to Rebecca Sussex and Jo O’Reilly from STEMPOINT who engaged with the students all day as well as to Debra, Veena and the support staff at Spring Common Academy who made us all so welcome."

Alvina Morey, Senior Enterprise Co-Ordinator, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Local Authority.

Spring Common Academy thanks the team for joining us on site today and offering such a comprehensive and educational workshop.