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Summer Fair & Arts Festival 2023

Our Summer Fair 2023 was a huge success with many parents and students enjoying the whole day which was combined with our annual Arts Festival. It was fabulous to see families enjoying the day and socialising together. 

Thank you to the following parent/carers for helping to run our variety of stalls - without them, we simply couldn't have run as many stalls as we did:

Amanda, Fran, Leanne, Liz, Cheryl, Emma and Wendy, it takes a village to put on an event of this scale, and we are thankful to everyone's contribution be it gifting items, manning stalls or contributing to the grand total by way of donation on the day. Not forgetting our Spring Common Academy Staff who all joined in to support our students in navigating the variety of games and events on offer. We are also grateful for the support of local businesses, including long time support Co-Op, for their generous donation of soft drinks. 

We mustn't forget to thank those brave staff members who put themselves in the stocks and faced a barrage of wet sponges! Of all our volunteers, it was clear everyone had a giggle when given the opportunity to soak Head Teacher Alex Tomkins, who was subjected to some direct hits! Bullseye! 

Running alongside the Summer Fair was our Annual Arts Festival which is a week long exeprience. This year Spring Common Academy students travelled 'Around The World' taking part in creative activities in their classes.

Pupils made costumes, masks, flags, native animals, famous buildings & hats! They read stories based in the region they were learning about, and they even had the opportunity to taste food from that country or continent.

They experienced the music of each of the cultures through both dance and using some authentic instruments or musical story making or song. On Friday during the Summer Fair, some classes got to show their work to visitors; it was great to see so many parents get involved with the activities. You may have seen a photo of Teacher Sam playing the Ukulele circling on our socials, in honour of their chosen country, Hawaii.

As another academic year draws to a close, we are enjoying the opportunity to reflect upon the school year, and it's many successes.