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Year 11 Transition & Post 16

Week commencing 20th July

Click on the day of the week to see the suggested daily home learning activities for the Year 11 Transition and Post 16 learners. The school term ends on Wednesday 22nd July, we wish you all a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing you next term.

Please share any pictures or comments from the pupils completing the activities below, we would love to see them and send home our comments.



Indpendent living skills - Handwashing

Handwashing Poster - Have a look at the step-by-step handwashing guide (see link below) to help you design your own poster.  Print out the poster if you can and post it up around your home. Please share your evidence if you can!

NHS handwashing poster


Community inclusion - familiarising with the Post 16 area

Use the map and images below to familiarise yourself with the SCA Post 16 area.  Can you match the photo to its correct location in Post 16 - please bring any completed maps into school in the new term!

Post 16 Map

Photo 1                                     Photo 5

Photo 2                                    Photo 6

Photo 3                                    Photo 7

Photo 4                                    Photo 8




Have a go at growing your own cress - you can decorate a pot before planting the seeds, then enjoy in an egg and cress sandwich or another recipe you might find online.

Outcomes: Record your progress with photos/notes and send them into school.




All about Me profile

Create an all about me profile by using the attached template, please save your completed profile and bring into school for the new term

All About Me


Health & well being.

Daily outdoor physical activity.

  • Spend some time outdoors taking exercise each day. Look at this website for inspiration Walking in Cambridgeshire.
  • Transform your garden into a safe obstacle course, or simple exercise circuits-set a timer and challenge yourself to try new skills. Go for a walk or bike ride with an adult if safe to do so, within your community. Plan your route and use a map, signage or satnav on phone to follow directions.
  • Alternatively-take part in on line daily exercise class.
  • Youtube-search for exercise challenges at home/Joe Wicks Body Coach.

    Outcomes: Record your achievements on Health app on phone & try & extend each week throughout Summer holidays. Take photos/write a list/create scrapbook/collect sensory items found of places you’ve explored.




Creativity in the outdoor environment.

Work with members of your family to create a short video performance.  Research online for a new song, poem, dance, tiktok you would enjoy learning and don't forget to make some props and create costumes to make your performance really spectacular.





Post 16 transition.

Prepare a powerpoint with your thoughts and feelings on 'What am I looking forward to most in Post 16?"  Use the template below, or create your own, to record your thoughts and add photographs if you like!

Post 16 powerpoint template


and dont forget...

YOUR Daily Exercise


Think back to the beginning of lockdown and record your favourite activities, funniest moments or proudest home learning achievements.  Prepare a scrapbook/video/powerpoint to share with school in the new term.