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  • 07/06/23

    Exploring Wildlife at Hamerton Zoo

    Recently, 3MM students from Spring Common Academy had great fun during their visit to Hamerton Zoo, a captivating sanctuary of wildlife situated between Cambridge and Peterborough. Hamerton Zoological Park has been playing a vital role in animal conservation since 1990 and still continue to do so to...
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  • 10/05/23

    Coronation 2023

    Inclusion and celebration are two important aspects of any community, but they take on a special significance in the context of a special needs school. For students with disabilities, who may face challenges in their daily lives, opportunities to come together and enjoy special events can be transfo...
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  • 28/04/23

    Crossing Borders 2023

    Monday 24th April, 2023 saw a cohort of Post-16 Students accompanied by our team set off on an adventure to Belgium to visit our friends at Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarie, and lodging at St Niklaas School.  In only a few short days we managed to visit "The Grand Palace", "Les...
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  • 27/03/23

    Communications Week 2023

    Thank you to all pupils, staff and parents for participating in Communication Week at Spring Common Academy. We had a fantastic week with lots of forms of Communication going on.
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  • 24/03/23

    Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarie visits Spring Common Academy

    Thirty-six Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarie Students and three further staff members joined us from Belgium as part of an exchange project and work experience programme. 
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  • 22/03/23

    Comic relief 2023

    Thank you to our Spring Common Academy Community for all your help and contributions that have gone towards this incredible total of £256.96.  
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  • 03/03/23

    4VC Toy Sale

    4VC held a Toy Sale on Friday 10th February, 2023 with incredible success. 
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  • 21/12/22

    Huntingdon Rotary Club Visits Spring Common

    We would like to thank Huntingdon Rotary Club's Compliance Officer Barbara Cobham for arranging a trip to Spring Common Academy for Club Chairman, John Caldwell. 
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  • 07/12/22

    Poppy Appeal 2022

    Thank you very much to parent/carers and staff for supporting this year's Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.  We raised £50.66 together, contributing towards an incredible District Total of £33,202.15.   
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  • 07/12/22

    Group A Strep - Letter for Parents

    You will have heard lots of information on the news and on social media about a recent rise in Strep A infections – and about some tragic deaths which have resulted from an extremely rare form of the infection. This letter is to help you understand more about this infection and what to look...
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  • 15/07/22

    Extreme Heat Warning

    An update for Monday and Tuesday!
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  • 11/07/22

    Post 16 Prom 2022

    Our VIP Post 16 students enjoyed a street party in the sunshine to celebrate an amazing year - congratulations to all and good luck to our 2022 leavers.
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